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Packaging - Its impact on the Plastics Ind.
Date posted: Monday 05 July, 2004 at 3:57pm
Page Title: Packaging - Its impact on the Plastics Ind.

The Packaging Sector is an extremely important customer to the plastics industry and, according to the British Plastics Federation is the largest user of plastics, more than 37% of UK polymers ending up in packaging in one shape or another.

One type of packaging that has been particularly successful in the UK over the last thirty years has been child resistant (CR) packs. These are created by a child resistant closure (CRC) and bottle and child resistance is achieved by requiring two simultaneous actions for example - push down & turn or squeeze & turn. Originating in 1971 in the US, the child resistant closure was designed primarily for medicines and was adopted for that purpose in the UK in 1974, since when it has gone from strength to strength. According to the British Standards Institute (BSI) here in the UK and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) in the United States, child resistant closures have ‘saved numerous lives.’ To be child resistant a closure needs to be type tested by panels of children aged 42 to 51 months and after two five minute test periods, one before and one after a demonstration, 80% must fail to open the pack for it to be child resistant. Child resistant packs also need to be tested by adults, indeed they are the only form of packaging that is mandatorily or routinely subjected t ...
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