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The Child-Safe Packaging Group was formed in May 1995 and the founder members, who represent the greater part of the UK's supply industry for re-closable child resistant packaging, appointed Douglas Hughes as consultant, he was succeeded early in 1998 by Trevor Hopley, and Stephen Wilkins as secretary.

Reason For The Group's Formation

The plethora of government hype concerning Original Pack Dispensing, which was launched in early 1995, included, amongst other things, an assertion that blister packs could be considered to be 'inherently child resistant'. As a result of this assertion, and because of the threat it represented to their business, a number of packaging manufacturers made arrangements to test this claim. A blister pack, in common use in the UK, was tested by Burford Research Consultants using the child panel test to which re-closable CRC's are presently subjected. The blister was found not to be child resistant.

This Website

Apart from to communicate and reinforce the existence of the CSPG, the aim of the site is to provide a regularly updated resource for those connected with and interested in the CSPG. This site contains press releases together with details of special events and competitions. We at the CSPG hope you find the site informative interesting and useful.
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